Whatever the challenge you are currently faced with, psychotherapy can serve as a powerful tool to gain control, gain insight and the guidance needed to begin making positive changes in your life. There is no shame or reason to fear seeking help with your mental health. Mental health professionals are here to help you identify and eventually implement adaptive coping tools and techniques to assist with the challenges and stressors associated with day-to-day life. Psychotherapy is also a unique offering and therapeutic service that it tailored to the needs of each client seeking help. Before we begin our therapeutic relationship with one another, I always provide free consultations to allow the opportunity to meet in person, provide time for any questions you may have about the various services offered within my practice and most of all, to also to see if you and I both feel we will be a good fit to begin working together.


1. Collaborative treatment planning.

2. Mutual agreed upon and attainable goals.

3. Acknowledging and embracing the power to change.

In individual therapy sessions, I provide a safe environment to assist in the development of my clients goals while maintaining consistent unconditional positive regard, empathic understanding and genuineness. In my practice, I gravitate towards a psychodynamic approach in an effort to assist my clients in understanding how their past has ultimately impacted their present.

I believe that a deeper understanding and awareness of the self and also the unconscious processes can assist in the individuation and self-actualization process of a therapeutic relationship. In addition, at times I will use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools to assist individuals in changing their unhealthy automatic thought patterns as well as Mindfulness/Buddhist Psychology to assist clients with becoming more present in their body, their minds and in their lives.

LGBTQ+ psychoTherapy

1. LGBTQ+ identified and affirmative approach to treatment.

2. Safe, shame and judgement free environment to explore sexual and/or gender identity history and experiences.

3. Careful consideration of various levels of possible oppression for client as an identified member of the LGBTQ+ community.

In LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy sessions, we will work together as a team to identify the current day-to-day struggles or issues that come with identifying as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, I will assist you in implementing LGBTQ+ affirmative tools and techniques while also providing a safe, judgement free environment to explore and discuss your mental health journey thus far.

As an identified member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I bring to our therapeutic relationship my own personal experiences, my own journey to self-love and healing and a deep empathic understanding.

Teen psychotherapy

1. Developed sense of trust, rapport and therapeutic alliance.

2. Safe, shame and judgement free environment to explore sexual and/or gender identity history and experiences.

3. Empowering, affirming, supportive and emotion/insight focused approach.

It is important to remember that teens face complex emotional and physical challenges that are unique to this specific stage of their life and development. I have experience working with teen clients struggling with issues ranging from self-expression, emotional regulation and reframing, communication skills, gender/sexual identity struggles and many more.

I believe teen clients benefit most from an insight oriented approach, which focuses on the individual with the goal of teaching them how to manage their emotions in a healthier, more adaptive way. Rather than trying to force change upon them, I strive to help empower my teen clients, support and motivate these individuals to make positive changes in their lives. I feel that this approach helps to ensure that the positive changes my clients make will last well beyond the therapy room and as they grow into responsible, productive and empowered adults.

You are welcome here regardless of your race, sexuality, gender identity, ability, immigration status or religion.